L-KOPIA in a Very Important Load Move

[06/14/20] L-KOPIA has good news from the “SONG” load survey (nuclear waste). The move has been planned since the year 2000 (when the nuclear power station north of Oceanside, CA,

LKO Teknik laser truck waiting for track time

LKO in Kopparberg

[5/26/20] LKO and Per Arne Pettersson surveyed the Kopparberg Interlocking over the weekend. The customer was NRC. Per Arne used our Ford F-350 Rail/Road laser surveying vehicle for the Kopparberg

L-KOPIA in Florida

[3/22/20] L-KOPIA and Keith Sykes finished our California and Nevada survey in mid-February and drove all the way across the United States to Jacksonville, Florida. We started the Florida survey

Happy Holidays from L-KOPIA and LKO!

[12/20/19] Happy Holiday’s and a Very Happy New Year to our customers and associates! L-KOPIA is happy to announce that we have already received three (3) Purchase Orders for 2020.

L-KOPIA in Canada and New Mexico

[08/13/19] L-KOPIA now has two field crews, performing surveys in different parts of North America. Lars Lundberg crossed the border to Canada on August 5th and performed a survey for