RICA Award to Proud Laser Man from L-KOPIA / LKO (in Svannah, GA on June 13)


A very proud and surprised Lars Lundberg received the Prestigious Bill Walker Memorial Award at the Railways Industrial Clearance Association [RICA] 54TH Annual Conference in Savannah, GA on June 13th. Director Dan Labyak presented the award to Lars after first showing the L-KOPIA / LKO 51 / 31 Years in Business Video on the big screen. Lars would like to thank Dan Labyak, the RICA Executive Board, and all RICA’s members very much for the recognition. Lars is the 43rd recipient of the reward from its start in 1984.

The Bill Walker Memorial Reward Plaque will be on proud display at Lars Lundberg’s home office in Crown Point, Indiana.

From the L-KOPIA / LKO 51/31 year anniversary Video shown at RICA (can also be accessed from our website www.lko.se or www.l-kopia.com).

The RICA Annual Conference in Savannah, Georgia was a successful event with many great Keynote speakers, and L-Kopia was happy to return after a long hiatus. To put things in perspective, below picture is from Jacksonville, Florida in 2006. Time flies – and new generations of RICA members are carrying the torch into the Clearance & Heavy Haul future!

April 21st, 2006 – The RICA presentation of our new L-KOPIA Clearance Laser Truck in Jacksonville, Florida. We had a great day in the sun, and at the indoor convention, more than 18 years ago.

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