CED & L-KOPIA in Texas Platform Survey


Logan Mather of Colliers Engineering & Design (CED) and Lars Lundberg of L-KOPIA met up in Plano Texas on June 26th in preparation for a DART platform survey planned for June 27th. Lars drove the L-KOPIA laser truck 1,000 miles from Crown Point, IN to Plano TX in two days.
The survey was necessary to figure out the platform clearances for two stations on the new DART Silver Line as freight traffic also operates on this Commuter Line.

CED delivered data, processed by L-KOPIA, after the weekend on July 1st.

Logan Mather of CED walking up to the morning safety meeting at 12th Street
Station in Plano, Texas in the morning of June 27th.

A Silver Line passenger train parked on a siding when the L-KOPIA Clearance Laser Truck passed on MAIN 1. The Silver Line is still under construction.

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