The LKO Milestone Installation in Norway and Snowy Surveys in Sweden


LKO installed our fastest Clearance Laser System to date for Bane NOR in Norway. The new SMV3 installation includes both new Hardware and Software and will make it possible to collect data at 35-40% higher speeds. One software change is enabling more JPEG pictures per second (up to 10) to capture all structures in higher speed. LKO also continues Bane NOR post processing and that includes Structure Clearances, Ballast Volume & Profile, plus finetuning the new feature; Platform Corner and Gap for the 2024 season. Please contact us for more information on our milestone installation and the newest LKO/L-KOPIA Clearance Laser System.

The Bane NOR crew, John-Robert Sövik, Magomed Selmurzaev and Per Arne Petterson of LKO in Grorud outside Oslo, Norway.

LKO also conquered the snow filled Station of Östersund right in the middle of Sweden. Snow came early this year and even if its not ideal for clearance surveys, it does light up everything during the dark months of November and December.

The LKO Laser Truck CFE-095 at Östersund C on November 13th. 4-Wheel Drive helps!

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