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Z+F Clearance Laser system
The LKO/L-KOPIA Z+F Clearance Laser System is super-fast, extremely accurate, has very high resolution, scans 360 degrees and has a measuring range from 0-182 meters (597’).

LMS Clearance Laser System
The LKO/L-KOPIA LMS Clearance Laser System has a scan frequency up to 100 Hz, is very accurate, +/- 3 mm (0.12”) with an angular resolution from 1° to 0.167°.

Clearload & Wideload
The LKO/L-KOPIA LD Clear & WideLoad Data Base Program is a combination of LKO/L-KOPIA LD-ClearLoad and LKO/L-KOPIA WideLoad programs connected to a database program (for all size railroad systems).

Load Measuring System
The L-KOPIA / LKO Load Measuring System has been developed for a range of applications in load profile monitoring, from basic systems to full wayside installations.

LD Clearance Laser System
The Clearance, Ballast and Track Center Measuring System is fast, accurate, has high resolution, a measuring range from 0 –70 meter (230 feet) and scans 360 degrees.

Surveying Laser System
The Surveying Laser System is used for fast, high accuracy surveying of tunnels, railways, roads, etc.

Harsco HY-RAIL®
LKO Teknik AB is the agent for Harsco HY-RAIL® in Scandinavia.

New Mobile Laser System
The New Mobile Laser System consists of an aluminum frame, LMS laser hardware, odometer/GPS capabilities, battery box and a notebook computer.

With the Speed of Light
Our Laser scanning systems for measuring of tunnels and other structures on railways, roads, etc. provide fast and accurate results.


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