Per Arne Pettersson of LKO all over Sweden with Mobile LaserSystem and Managing Rail Project


LKO Teknik AB and Per Arne performed an important Clearance Survey for “Inlandsbanan” in
northern Sweden. The LMS Mobile Laser System is a great tool for short surveys combined with
long road travel. The light mobile system is easily stored in the trunk of a car and is assembled in
about 15 minutes, providing the same output as with larger LKO/L-KOPIA rail bound vehicles.

The LKO LMS Mobile Laser System ready to survey a TT Bridge on Inlandsbanan. The flag-man is also visible on the 60 meter long TT bridge.

Per Arne Pettersson of  LKO is also a consultant and subcontractor for several large TRV (Swedish State Railway Engineering) projects in mid-Sweden.

Per Arne Pettersson of LKO checking the track change project between Örebro and Frövi (about 130 miles west of Stockholm). Per Arne will be responsible for the maintenance of this track after the line is opened again.

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