LKO Teknik busy with post processing for Bane Nor and delayed delivery of LKO laser system upgrade


LKO Teknik is continuing post processing of clearance & ballast data for Bane NOR in Norway. The system upgrade was delayed from March of this year due to a busy schedule for the Bane Nor Geometry Car. We also had to move back the new upgrade, which was originally scheduled for September 5th, due to serious flooding in areas of southeastern Norway. Residents are bracing for more landslides and flooding as rivers are swollen by days of heavy rain and have carried large amounts of water through the mountainous landscape. The effect is some undermined roadbeds and damaged railway bridges.
The upgrade includes adapting a 267-profiles-per-second hardware (35% faster than earlier scanner) and adding new software. We will be back with more details after installing hardware and software later in 2023.

This picture shows the front of Bane Nor’s Geometry Car with LKO Clearance Laser hardware. The new upgrade will add a 35% faster scanner to allow higher speed when collecting data. The lower scanner will stay as is.

The LKO/L-KOPIA Processing software shows all minimum cross-sections with superimposed JPEG pictures. LKO also uses the Bane Nor “Raw files” for ballast profile and volume calculations.

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