L-KOPIA and TEC in Ohio Load Survey


L-KOPIA and TEC Associates performed a load survey in Ohio last weekend and were able to
process the 70 miles of clearance and track center data in just one week. The system allows us to
process adjacent tracks without traversing them, which saves our customers a lot of valuable
track time. We need to have a full view of the rails to keep the accuracy within given
L-KOPIA is also preparing for a project in Washington State in October. We will be back with
more details.

The L-KOPIA clearance laser hy-rail truck meeting a freight train at Toledo Terminal on September 10,

The data processing includes PDF plots with superimposed load templates and distance to
structures within 18”, plus track center distances (this time about 24,000). We use a special
software called “Minimum TC per mile and/or Curve” to give our customers a great overview.
Instead of 24,000 values the overview is around 70 distances (and it is always the most critical
distance per mile or in a curve).

The L-KOPIA post processing software allows us to produce data for both left and right adjacent
tracks if we can see the rails. Also, a PDF plot sample is inserted above on right.

Please contact us for any questions on this month’s newsletter.