L-KOPIA / LKO New Mobile Laser System

The New LKO/L-KOPIA Mobile LMS Laser System consists of an aluminum frame, LMS laser hardware, odometer/GPS capabilities, battery box and a notebook computer. The data output is 100% compatible with the LKO/L-KOPIA Clearance & Surveying Laser System.

This mobile addition makes the LKO/L-KOPIA product even more versatile as we can now survey in-between other track machineries and coordinate track time with other contractors.

The new LKO/L-KOPIA Mobile Laser System is compact, easy to assemble and can be managed by one person. The mobile system is a perfect addition to our line of clearance laser products.

LKO/L-KOPIA LMS Mobile Laser System applications:

  • Positioning of objects such as signals, platforms etc.
  • Surveying of rail bound objects, including catenary wires etc.
  • Limited total clearance, track center and ballast testing
  • Control of track position to fixed objects

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