L-KOPIA / LKO Mobile Laser System


The LKO/L-KOPIA Mobile Laser System consists of an aluminum frame, a distance laser, a rugged and weather protected notebook computer and two superaccurate encoders. The system software accept different laser hardware with a measuring range up to 60 m or 180 feet without reflector. With the designed software, immediate results are produced on a graph of the object being measured. The final result consists of a heading with all specifics such as site/track segment, name and numbers of tracks, as well as coordinates in X, Y and Z (there Z is longitudinal distance from the electronic odometer). The data output is 100% compatible with the L-Kopia Clearance & Surveying Laser System.

The LKO/L-KOPIA Mobile Laser System is light, approximately 29 kg (55 lbs.), and can be handled by one person. The system is compact and easy to ship.

LKO/L-KOPIA Mobile Laser System applications:

  • Positioning of objects such as signals, platforms etc.
  • Surveying of railbound objects, including caternary wires etc.
  • Limited clearance testing
  • Control of track position to fixed objects

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