LKO in Mobile Mapping Project and LKO/L-KOPIA Advanced Software

LKO performed a second on-track Mobile Mapping project outside Sundsvall, Sweden. On this second survey, we teamed up with Mölbak from Denmark. We will be back with a more detailed report after data delivery and evaluation.
L-KOPIA is still planning for the delayed L-KOPIA / LKO Z+F Clearance Laser System for a major Canadian Railway customer. L-KOPIA is also planning for a potential clearance survey in Toronto, ON, next spring.

LKO’s Clearance Laser Truck CFE095, equipped with Mölbak’s Mobile Mapping equipment on the Turntable in Sundsvall Sweden.

LKO / L-KOPIA is excited to be able to combine our Clearance Laser System with Mobile Mapping. We believe that Point Cloud Mobile Mapping is not the best for clearance data and that the combination of the two is the answer to future data collection for all types of surveys (clearance, ballast, assets, and vegetation control).

Our Z+F Clearance Laser System has allowed LKO/LKOPIA to develop functionality for automatic adjustment of Center Line of Track as well as Top of Rail. This not only improves the accuracy of your critical clearance data, but drastically cuts down post-processing time to allow us to deliver results quickly.

The most important first step to receive accurate (within +/- 2 mm) data from clearance surveys is the adjustment to “Center Line of Track and Top of Rail”. The LKO/L-KOPIA software is very advanced and does automatically adjust every cross section taken.

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