L-KOPIA / LKO Finally in Canada for Laser System Upgrade


After two years of Covid delays, Per Arne Pettersson finally arrived in Calgary on February 28 to perform the upgrade installation of our L-KOPIA/LKO Z+F Clearance Laser System.

The major Class 1 Railroad customer has used the L-KOPIA/LKO LD Clearance Laser System since 2012 and it was time to upgrade from 20 HZ scan-rate to 200 HZ (plus new integrated Cameras system)! L-KOPIA/LKO had full access to a well-equipped work shop and the installation was successful and performed on-time.

The L-KOPIA/LKO Clearance Laser system on our Customers hy-rail truck. Mr. Aakash Tura will be the operator on the CP14 laser and track geometry vehicle.

Per Arne also performed on-track surveys and trained Railway personnel on how to use the new laser system. All was done in 7 days and Per Arne Pettersson is now on a flight back to Sweden.

The customer’s well equipped work shop in Calgary was used for the laser installation.

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