Per Arne Pettersson of LKO performed the first project with our new LKO / L-KOPIA Mobile LMS Laser System. The system is built on the trolley concept that we have used in Finland and Norway for many years.

This mobile addition makes the product even more versatile as we can now survey in-between other track machineries and coordinate track time with other contractors.

We normally drive to sites with one of our laser trucks and keep the mobile LMS system stored inside. However, for smaller project we can also ship the system or drive to site in a smaller vehicle.

The first job was performed on Thursday, September 16th, outside Mariedamm, south of Hallsberg, Sweden. Per Arne surveyed about 800 meters of a new track and the clearance data was processed, delivered and uploaded to the database within 24 hours.

The LKO / L-KOPIA MOBILE LASER TROLLEY on track outside Hallsberg in Sweden.

L-KOPIA is getting closer to performing the installation of our L-KOPIA / LKO Z+F Clearance Laser System for a major Canadian Railway customer (targeting November 2021). L-KOPIA is also planning for another potential clearance survey in Canada this Fall.

We will normally drive to sites in one of our laser trucks, with the Mobile LMS System stored inside. This is our Mitsubishi Laser Truck in our garage in Falun, Sweden.

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