L-KOPIA in Massachusetts, Maine, Ohio and New Brunswick, Canada.


L-KOPIA teamed up with TEC Associates in Maine and performed over 260 miles of clearance surveys for four (4) railroads in Eastern USA and Canada in May and June!

L-KOPIA’s main focus has lately been on short lines and commuter systems. We are proud that our LKO/L-KOPIA “2D+1D=3D” concept is unbeatable when it comes to Clearance & Track Center data. All the major players in the Mobil Mapping business have tried to compete with our clearance system since the late 90s, but so-far the LKO / L-KOPIA Clearance Laser Systems has been proven to be the fastest and most user-friendly for clearance and track center surveys.

The TEC/L-KOPIA field survey was completed on May 30th and all clearance and track center data is now processed. We delivered CUS-files for our ClearLoad software, CTC-files for our WideLoad software and CSV files (Excel) with all data to map out the lines we covered.
Furthermore, we also deliver JPEG’s and AVI-videos with superimposed specifics (such as Track Segments, Mile Locations, Track Numbers and GPS Coordinates)!

A video when the L-KOPIA laser truck surveys a TT bridge over St John River in Milford, New Brunswick, Canada.

L-KOPIA is still working on access to Western Canada for an installation of our L-KOPIA / LKO Z+F Clearance Laser System. The delay is still due to the Covid-19 situation. We were only granted a two-day work permit for the New Brunswick survey in May (Eastern Canada)!

Fortunately, our proven clearance laser system was able to complete 145 track-miles in two days (including three subdivisions and 5 spur tracks, plus 100 miles of highway travel)!

MASS COSTAL Pilot Chad Marsh calling for track time in Mansfield, Massachusetts on May
17 th , 2021.

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