LKO in a Two System Test, plus New Post Processing from Norway


LKO performed a full-scale test using our LKO/L-KOPIA Z+F Clearance Laser System, combined with a Mobil Mapping System. LKO has performed similar tests in the past (See the LKO / L-KOPIA newsletter from February 2014). The basic difference is, of course, a faster scan speed and higher resolution.

It is important to point out that the LKO/L-KOPIA “2D+1D=3D” concept is unbeatable when it comes to Clearance & Track Center data. All the major players in the Mobile Mapping business have tried to compete with our system since the late 90s, but thus far the LKO / L-KOPIA Clearance Laser Systems has been proven the fastest and most accurate. The LKO / L-KOPIA system can cover 50-60 miles (100 kilometer) per day and post processing is quick and transparent. It is time-consuming (and expensive) to extract clearances & track center data from point clouds and will still not compare to the LKO/L-KOPIA in terms of data accuracy due to the location and angle of the mobile mapping scanner(s).

With a combination system, LKO/L-KOPIA can give our customers a diversified service and prices are based on customers need. It can be everything from Contractors finding out locations for equipment and storage when new railroad projects will be established (using our high-resolution pictures) to a full-scale mapping of tracks, platforms, buildings and other assets.

Please contact Per Arne regarding the two-system test ( or +46 70-565 8083).

The LKO Teknik laser truck equipped with a “Two System Setup”.

LKO also received post processing from Norway. Bane NOR uses the LKO Clearance Laser System and sometimes we help them with post processing of the clearance data. Bane NOR use our ClearLoad software for all load simulations.

The LKO/L-KOPIA ClearLoad software using our CUS-files. Most surveys around Oslo, Norway are surveyed night time.

L-KOPIA are still working on access to Canada for an installation of our L-KOPIA / LKO Z+F Clearance Laser System. The delay is of course due to the Covid-19 situation and we understand the Canadian border may not open up before February of next year?

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