L-KOPIA finished Upgrade for CSX on new Clearance Truck


Per Arne Pettersson of LKO and Keith Sykes of  L-KOPIA finished the installation of our L-KOPIA / LKO LMS Clearance Laser System on a new CSX Clearance Laser Truck. The installation was completed in Keith Sykes Shop in North Carolina. Keith and Per Arne performed a first on-track test on August 6th and more follow up tests will take place this and next week. Charlie McDaniel of CSX will join Keith Sykes for more verifying tests combined with operational training.

The 2018 CSX Hy-Rail Chevy Silverado equipped with the L-KOPIA/LKO LMS clearance Laser System.

With this upgrade, CSX replaced the 2009 clearance laser truck, equipped with L-KOPIA’s LD Clearance Laser System.

The interior in the new CSX clearance laser truck, including the integrated Basler JPEG and AVI video Cameras.

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