L-KOPIA finish 2018 Fieldwork in Montana and LKO still perform Surveys in Sweden


Keith and Austin Sykes of L-KOPIA finished the 2018 fieldwork in Montana on December 1st. We also finished fieldwork for our largest (and oldest) customer in Chicago in mid-November. The processing of the approx. 1,300 miles of track was finished in early December. We drove approximately 6,000 miles on roads in 2018.

A tunnel plot as displayed in our L-KOPIA ClearLoad © software.

LKO Teknik AB is working for Swedish Rail Administration in Sweden in December.

This picture is from Forshem, close to Lake Vänern, in the middle of Sweden (between Gothenburg and Stockholm). We have had good weather for surveys (warmer than normal and little snow) in Sweden so far this winter.

L-KOPIA / LKO Wishes our customer Happy Holidays.

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