L-KOPIA receive upgrade Purchase Order and LKO is busy in Sweden


L-KOPIA is happy to report another upgrade Purchase Order in the US. It is an upgrade from our LD Laser System to the L-KOPIA LMS Clearance Laser System. The Class 1 Railroad Customer is mostly operating in the eastern part of USA and has been a L-KOPIA customer since the early nineties (with the first B1 Laser system). L-KOPIA is also busy with several clearance surveys, spread out from Canada, Washington State to Tennessee and Florida.

The picture is from New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada on May 30th. It is a transit system bridge above the L-KOPIA LMS clearance Laser Truck.

LKO is very busy with surveys for “Trafikverket” (Swedish Rail Administration). The Swedish weather went from cold winter to hot summer in a couple of days in May. It happens a lot in Scandinavia and now we can only hope for a great summer.

The picture is from Söderhagen, 30 miles South of Stockholm. It is a piece of new track under construction. The LKO Tristar Clearance Laser Truck is mostly using the LKO ZF Clearance Laser System (200 Hz).

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