Happy New Year Wishes from LKO and L-KOPIA!


A nice winter picture taken on track close to Marshall, Minnesota. We finished the regular measuring season in USA on November 23rd and in Canada on December 19th.

LKO/L-KOPIA wish all our customers and associates a very happy and prosperous 2017.

Both LKO and L-KOPIA had a very good 2016 with some records broken. L-KOPIA’s revenue was at the highest since our start in 1993, and LKO added the sale of a JBV, Norway, laser system to our very good business in Sweden. LKO also performed our annual project for VR in Finland.

In 2016 L-KOPIA added CN (Canada & USA) to our customer list after two years without their business.

A cold and snowy morning in Aberdeen, South Dakota. It is the old station building on right.

A cold and snowy morning in Aberdeen, South Dakota. It is the old station building on right.

LKO and L-KOPIA are now working on post processing and the annual maintenance of our seven laser trucks and 12 laser systems (including systems for mobile installations).

The L-KOPIA regular measuring season normally starts in early March, now aiming for a March 6, 2017 start. It’s about the same for LKO, but a long winter may delay the start.

Please contact us for any questions and to schedule possible work for 2017.


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