L-KOPIA in Florida


L-KOPIA and Keith Sykes finished our California and Nevada survey in mid-February and drove all the way across the United States to Jacksonville, Florida.

We started the Florida survey on February 25th and finished 8 days later. L-KOPIA covered 450 track miles between Jacksonville and Miami, Florida.

The customer has ordered both the L-KOPIA ClearLoad & WideLoad programs. The training program has been changed to a Web based program and will take place later in April. This is of course due to the corona virus pandemic.

This picture is taken close to Ft Lauderdale, Florida. The L-KOPIA laser truck is passed by a Brightline commuter train on EAST MAIN.

This is a screen shot of the L-KOPIA ClearLoad software with superimposed jpegs. Our customers can create any load or train templates, including mid ordinate and overhang. The result is shown, like above, with a so called safety margin (green outline) and clearance distances between load and structures (above is a Thru Truss Bridge).

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