L-KOPIA Start Survey Season early in California

L-KOPIA started a 2,200 mile road trip from Schererville, IN to Oceanside, CA on January 4th, 2020. We received a PO for an extensive Special Load Survey in California and Nevada in the end of December 2019. The survey involves four (4) railroads and about 380 miles of main track. This large load created a massive amount paperwork and permits and the L-KOPIA crew had to take a couple of safety classes, on site in Oceanside and Riverside, CA, to qualify for the fieldwork.

It’s important to mention, again, that the L-KOPIA Clearance Laser System is still the most practical laser system to perform load surveys in an efficient and accurate way. For example, we were able to cover 180 miles in two days on Class 1 Mainline tracks.

Later in 2020, L-KOPIA will test a “combination system”, meaning our L-KOPIA Clearance Laser System together with a high quality Mobil Mapping System from Japan. We will be back with more info after the full scale test.

Part of the Survey Crew waiting for track time outside Cima, California. It is Keith Sykes of L-KOPIA on left and Jeff Neubert, P.E., President of Supply Chain Management Group, Inc. on right.

The 2016 L-KOPIA Clearance Laser Truck waiting for a 10,000 feet C-train to pass at a crossing 5 miles from Cima, California in the Mojave dessert.

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