LKO in Streetcar Survey and Bergen Line Post Processing. Please visit us at Nordic Rail!


Per Arne Pettersson of LKO went to Lund in southern Sweden for a new Streetcar Clearance Survey. Per Arne used our Mitsubishi L200 hy-rail laser truck as it has rail wheel for the smaller weight rails used by streetcars and light rail systems worldwide. The survey included double track and the total distance was 11 kilometers. We deliver plots in scale and with jpeg pictures.

The LKO Teknik L200 Laser Truck in front of All Saint Church in Lund, Sweden. And yes, there are tracks in the grass (called the green alternative ?). You can also see two catenary wires above our laser truck.

Bane NOR in Norway has the LKO Clearance Laser System on one of their Geometry Cars and use our LKO ClearLoad software. LKO sometimes help Bane NOR with post processing and below picture is from a 2019 survey on the Bergen Line (182 tunnels).

The LKO CleraLoad software shows all minimum tunnel cross sections with a JPEG picture for each section of the tunnels.

Please visit LKO Teknik AB at Nordic Rail in Jönköping between October 8th to 10th . We are Exhibit LKO and iNovitas systems in B04:81 and we have tickets if you want to see us. Please call Per Arne Pettersson for more info (+46 705 565 8083).