LKO in Norway and L-KOPIA in California, Pennsylvania and New Mexico


LKO Teknik AB sold an LKO/L-KOPIA Z+F Clearance Laser system to Bane NOR, Norway in 2017.   The sale’s agreement states LKO will perform annual calibration and system checkups. Per Arne Pettersson of LKO has already performed the 2019 calibration with Bane NOR Engineering personnel.

LKO started Swedish Rail Administration’s survey in February of 2019 (which is an early season start for us) due to the mild winter weather in the southern part of Sweden.  We are now able to continue surveys throughout all of Sweden.

Frank Woldsund and Janicke Oskarsen of BaneNOR in front of one of Bane NOR’s Geometry Cars with the LKO/L-KOPIA Laser System. This picture was taken in Eidsvol, Norway, during the 2019 calibration of Clearance Laser system.

L-KOPIA has finished one-third of the California Load Survey and will be back in June or July to finish the project.  The L-KOPIA crew went to Pennsylvania and New Mexico to continue surveying for other customers

We are in the process of getting a purchase order for a Canadian survey which is needed to obtain the work permit in Canada.

This picture shows a screen shot from our ClearLoad software. The survey was performed in New Mexico and in this case we use our software for quality assurance. The heading with all information, including GPS and Mile reading is compared to JPEG pictures of the structure (collected every second in the field).

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