A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year from LKO and L-KOPIA


L-KOPIA ended the year on a very good note. L-KOPIA was awarded a clearance contract with our oldest customer in North America. We are very proud to continue our clearance laser surveys for this very good class one railroad and we certainly appreciate the business.

L-KOPIA personnel are very busy with post processing for the Go Transit project in Toronto, ON and for the CP project in NY. Lars Lundberg will travel to Toronto in the end of January to perform software installation and training of GO Transit personnel. L-KOPIA is subcontractor to PNR Railworks on this project.

The LKO Z+F laser was temporary mounted on a Malus rail bound service vehicle. The pictures shows project planner Per Möller of Aarsleff Rail on left, and driver and safety pilot Kurt Jörgensen of Malus on right.

LKO Teknik and Per Arne Pettersson went to Denmark in early December. The survey covered 1,700 kilometer of road transportation, 140 kilometer ballast scanning and 180 kilometer of rail travel. The customer was Aarsleff Rail and the laser carrier came from Malus.

Again, we wish all of our customers and associates a real happy and prosperous 2016.

Happy New Year from LKO and L-KOPIA!

Happy New Year from LKO and L-KOPIA!

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