New LKO/L-KOPIA Web Design, L-KOPIA in Boston Area and LKO Prepare for Nordic Rail in Jönköping, Sweden


We just launched our new web design. Responsible for the new upgrades and smart phone friendly design is Lars Jonsson of Netrix AB. Lars has been our partner in web and other internet related issues since 1997. Please report any possible errors if you have a chance.

One of L-KOPIA’s laser trucks traveled all the way from Wyoming to Boston, MA to finish up a survey for the Patriot Corridor. L-KOPIA is subcontractor and performed all clearance measuring for a Double Stack study on two railroads from Ayer, to North Adams in Massachusetts.

L-KOPIA is still performing a combined vegetation and regular clearance survey from Wichita, KS to Seattle, WA. We are now on the last leg and should finish before mid-November.

Tony Rivera and Hank Mclaughlin of L-KOPIA in Ayer, Massachusetts. Hank and Tony drove 2,400 miles from Wyoming to Ayer to perform the 30 mile long clearance survey on Saturday, September 26th. All data is already delivered to our customer.

LKO Teknik AB will, as usual, participate at the Nordic Rail show in Jönköping, Sweden, 6 – 8 october. We will present our new developed LMS laser system, together with our very advanced Z+F Clearance Laser System. We will also show the first tests from our new 3-4 laser system. It’s an extension to our famous 2D+1D=3D laser systems. Please visit us in both B01:100 (call cell 0705-27 27 89 or 070 565-8083 for tickets).

This picture is from the 2013 Nordic Rail show. LKO has participated since the first show in 1997 (it’s every second year). From left, Markus Mettenleiter and Sven Kurz from Z+F and Per Arne Pettersson, Lars Lundberg and Bo Pellas of LKO Teknik AB.

Please contact us for any questions on this month’s newsletter.