Happy New Year from LKO and L-KOPIA


Looking back on 2017, LKO in Sweden had an excellent year, with L-KOPIA in the United States now planning a downsize as U.S. railroads are cutting back. L-Kopia Inc. will continue its operation and adjust resources as 2018 demand allows.

LKO staff and associates at Nordic Rail in October. Happy New Year from Arne Eriksson, 3-COMP, Per Arne Pettersson, Mats Johansson of LKO, Lars Eklund of Trafikverket, Niklas Pettersson and Henrik Lindh of LKO.

L-KOPIA and LKO wish our customers and associates a happy and prosperous 2018!

Lars & Jeryl Lundberg of L-KOPIA are celebrating the New Year in warmer climate.

Again, Happy New Year and we hope to hear from you later in 2018.